Frequent Questions

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While we only give the exact address to registered guests for security reasons, we understand planning is important to your trip. If you look for Hue, Ohio in your smartphone maps, you will find it along State Rt. 56. Hue is little more than a sign, but that location is about 5 minutes from the cabin. For other reference, the cabin is about 7 miles from Ash Cave or 13 miles from Old Man’s Cave.
Our standing policy is no pets. However, I do make occasional exceptions for well behaved dogs. My criteria for this is the following: Dogs may not climb on furniture or sleep in/on beds. They may sleep on the floor, or bedding you provide. No dogs allowed in the theater room. It’s the only place we have carpet. Hair in the theater room is automatic excess cleaning charges. Dogs are not allowed in the interior tub or hot tub. You must clean up after your dog, including outside areas in the immediate vicinity of the cabin. Any mess left behind will be charged as excess cleaning fees ($50/ hour, 1 hour min.), this includes excess hair. Any damage will be charged as the actual replacement cost. Well behaved dogs stay free. When you book, ask for an exception in the “special requests” section, if you are in agreement with the above terms. I will send you an email approval to allow your dog, and re-state the terms. If you do not feel your dog is well behaved enough to agree to the terms, I must ask you not to bring them. At this time, no other pets are permitted.
We have the ability in the theater room to play blu ray and dvd. We also have live TV in there via DISH network. All free On-Demand content available through DISH is available in the theater room. Pay-Per-View is available only if arranged and paid for ahead of your stay (sporting events, etc). The projector also has USB ports in it. This allows content from storage devices or things like Power Points to be viewed. Streaming from a service like Netflix or Amazon is available, but can be spotty depending on the wifi. We have the best wifi available in this area, but it’s DSL and can be slow during peak times.
Not really. Verizon can sometimes get enough bars to get out a spotty call or a text message. It usually drops before the conversation is over. AT&T is dead on arrival. However, any smartphone can be used over the wifi network. Just enable the wifi calling feature on your smartphone. This is the best option, just like you have full signal. The phone in the emergency call box may be used to contact me with problems/questions or calls to the lower 48 states. Any International or calls to your 900# “friends” will be charged to the guest.
It’s high speed DSL. It’s the best option for that location. If we went with satellite service, we would have to charge guests to use it. It’s just too expensive with the overage rates. We can offer this at no charge. The download speed isn’t bad. But, the upload speed is terrible. This means 90% of the time you can stream a video and be fine. But, if you want to send an email with pics or attachments... forget it or put in a movie while you wait.
Our fire pit under the picnic shelter runs on propane. This eliminates the need for wood to be purchased for your trip. Lighting it is just like lighting a grill and there is a lighter provided and instructions posted there. DO NOT burn wood or trash in the fire pit. You may cook s'mores or hot dogs over the fire pit.
The interior fireplace, like the outside fire pit, runs on propane ceramic logs. It does produce real heat. Operation is as easy as flipping a switch on and again for off. There is no chimney, so NOTHING else is to be burned in the fireplace. No s’mores or hot dogs can be cooked on it. The smoke detector is monitored by ADT and the Fire Dept. will be dispatched if it goes off. The interior fireplace is disabled from Memorial Day through Labor Day because of the heat it produces. The A/C cannot keep up.
Yes. We have both propane and charcoal grills. The propane is on the upstairs porch and the charcoal is near the fire pit. Propane is supplied. Charcoal, please bring your own.
Anyone who has ever had a hot tub knows how important this is. Deodorants, perfumes, after shave, lotions, and the like will cause excess foam in the tub. All rental places ask this of their customers. Please also understand that tracking mud into the hot tub is the quickest way to get it to turn green and grow bacteria. We provide a foot wash near the tub with bleach water in it. It’s very tempting for the gentleman in a group to step around the side of the house to relieve themselves while using the tub. I understand... but please wash your feet before you re-enter. Please also pay close attention to the rules posted beside the hot tub and call me if it does something unusual. Much better to take care of it during your stay then to have it freeze during the winter or grow harmful bacteria that can cause a painful infection for you.
Very well. We have cups, glasses, plates, bowls, serving/storage containers, and just about every utensil (including grill utensils) that you can think of. Several different size skillets (teflon and cast iron), stainless steel pots and pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, and a muffin tin. Far as small appliances, we have coffee pots (both drip and K-cup), toaster, electric hand mixer, and can opener. We currently do not have a blender or toaster oven. We have filters for the drip coffee pot, but we don’t supply coffee or cream/sugar. We do supply popcorn and oil for the popcorn popper outside the theater room. We ask you to hand wash it after use.
First, when you enter your information, nothing happens. I have to go in and approve/confirm before anything is charged. Generally, most renters pay in full up front. However, if your rental time is 6 weeks or more in the future, we can split your payment into 2 or 3 installments. The last payment is due about a week before your stay. The first payment is due at the time of booking. Just note your wishes in the “special requests” section at the time of booking. Otherwise, we will charge the full amount at the time of booking. You can also make arrangements ahead of time using our contact info on this site.
We do not give refunds after your reservation is confirmed. However, if you cancel in enough time that your dates can be re-rented, we will refund your money. Less $25 cancellation fee, to cover credit card charges, once another reservation for your time frame has been confirmed. If you cancel last minute, or your dates cannot be re-rented, you will have a credit for the full amount to be used at any future date. We will refund the difference for stays that are less expensive (for the same number of days), or we will apply your credit and you’ll have to pay the difference for stays that are more expensive then your original stay. You will also be prompted at the time of the reservation to either decline or explore different travel insurance options. This is done through a 3rd party insurer, and not something sold by us or (our booking engine). We recommend purchasing this coverage for maximum protection from the unexpected.
Yes. Click here to view or submit our rental agreement. You will be prompted during the booking process to do this, but you may submit it anytime.
Our only permanent discount is for all current/former military personal or first responders, including Fire, EMS, and Police. Enter code HERO at checkout to receive 10% off. Other specials vary throughout the year. They are posted exclusively on our Facebook page, when applicable. You may follow us using the link on this site. Returning customers also receive a special discount on future stays. Details are provided after your first stay.
Currently, The Lantern is our only cabin. Lord willing, our next cabin is already on the drawing board. We have dubbed it The Tent. It will be a smaller offering than The Lantern, accommodating 2-4 people. You may follow us on Facebook for updates on The Tent. We hope to have several other offerings in the future, but The Lantern will always be our flagship.
No. Right now, with the extra attention being paid to cleaning because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to offer single night stays. The cleaners are stretched very thin, and with scheduling, single night turns are not an option. There is a possibility we may offer single night stays again at some point during the off season. For a variety of other reasons not stated, there are no plans to offer single nights ever during the summer or fall seasons.
I am here to help any way I can to make your stay a great time for your family/group. I love interacting with my customers. Visit our Contact page and email, text, or call me directly. Unless I am traveling to/from the cabin, where cell service is hit/miss, I usually respond very quickly.